Step 7: Is the patient willing and able to take drug therapy as intended?

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Does the patient understand the outcomes of the review?

  • Does the patient understand why they need to take their medication?
  • Consider Teach back

Ensure drug therapy changes are tailored to patient preferences

  • Is the medication in a form the patient can take?
  • Is the dosing schedule convenient?
  • Consider what assistance the patient might have and when this is available
  • Is the patient able to take medicines as intended?

Agree and communicate plan

  • Discuss with the patient/carer/welfare proxy therapeutic objectives and treatment priorities
  • Decide with the patient/carer/welfare proxies what medicines have an effect of sufficient magnitude to consider continuation or discontinuation
  • Inform relevant healthcare and social care carers change in treatments across the care interfaces

Add the READ code 8B31B to the patients record so that when they move across transitions of care it is clear their medication has been reviewed

  • Does the patient understand the outcome of the review?
  • Ensure drug therapy is tailored to patient preferences
  • Agree and communicate plan with patient and/or welfare proxy
Drug Info
Check self-administration (cognitive)
  • Warfarin/DOACs
  • Anticipatory care meds e.g. COPD
  • Analgesics
  • Methotrexate
  • Tablet burden
Check self-administration (technical)
  • Inhalers
  • Eye drops
  • Any other devices
  • Bisphosphonates/calcium